We enjoy working with progressive customers

Info.nl develops solutions for complex digital issues. And it simplifies them into innovative, meaningful experiences. So that the digital end product is intuitive and manageable for both producer and consumer.

To achieve this, we like to work for progressive companies that are actively looking to take the next step in their digital transformation.

We work in agile teams

Our teams are made up of people who design manageable and intuitive digital products with well thought-out design, smart technology and a deep interest in your field. We combine the best methods in agile product design and development. The user is at the heart of every decision, so that everyone understands it and can work with it.

Our successful history includes clients such as Greenwheels, BVA Auctions, Voetbal International, T-Mobile, NS, Graydon, Adyen and many others.

Design thinking and business value

We think the design goes further than a beautiful exterior. The real value of design lies in using design thinking in the right way. A process with which you work towards new, relevant solutions that have a positive impact on organisations, products or services. Design thinking focuses on the end user. It starts with really empathising with your customer’s problem. And gain an understanding of the needs and motivations of the people involved in the entire organisation: employees, customers and suppliers.

Info.nl is a professional, innovative, and highly collaborative software partner. We've been working with Info.nl for 2+ years now, making successful business transformation and customer migration happen.
Richard Ates, Director Product Development at Graydon

Get to know our team

We form a group of inquisitive people who look for solutions to complex digital issues. We have sharp designers, smart strategists, fast engineers and agile coaches who drive all these specialists forward. Our teams combine the best methods in agile product design and development, with the user at the centre of every decision.

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  • Info.nl team
  • Info.nl team

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