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Your business is going fast. Is your product ready for that incredible increase in users?

Hey Scale-up,

You’re generating revenue, have managed to attract a solid group of users, and are about to move to the big league. In other words, your business is ready for more and you’re about to scale up. But how? And are you ready for that?

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29-06: Scaling up Workshop

On the 29th of June Anandita Punj and Melchior Kanyemesha are hosting a workshop on scaling up your company and preventing some nasty growing pains.

They will take you through the experiences built up in previous trajectories with scaleups. From there we superimpose your case and situation on our approach, to give you quick and accessible insight into the steps you can take to take your digital innovation to the next stage. We use our maturity scan to do this, and explain how we test digital products on five dimensions.

14:30 – 18:00 (DROOG Amsterdam)

INFOStudio - INFO office

Easier said than done.

Perhaps “in true start-up fashion” there has been more hacking into your product than intended. Is this a bottleneck for growth? You wonder if you have the necessary expertise in your team, and what additional expertise do you need when you suddenly have twice as many customers? Will you be able to get those new customers to commit? And what if you get requests for new features, can your product development handle that? Is your digital backbone strong enough?

Challenges when scaling up.

The life of a scale-up founder is far from easy, and you can’t do it all alone. We’re here to help you tackle the challenges of scaling up. We make sure you can focus on your business, while we take care of all the digital requirements. This is not just about the technology, but also about the people, the organizational structure and even the innovation vision. We are happy to help you design, develop and manage a scalable digital framework that fully fits the dynamics of your business.

VanMoof, NOC*NSF, JustEatTakeaway.com and Adyen preceded you in working with us.

Werken bij INFO
Werken bij INFO

Prepare for the future;

  1. Contact us: we can often start a maturity scan within two weeks.
  2. We’ll put your organization, product and development process to the test. We review processes in product management, dev team, arch & tech, UX, and systems & tools.
  3. After this you will know what to do to guide your development team to creating exceptional value.
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Wie is INFO?

We combine design, data en technology on a strategic level to create the right digital solution to empower your business. We are 80 international professionals with 1 common strand of innovation-loving DNA. Although we each have unique skills and talents, none of us alone is as strong as all of us together. We ask the tough questions to get the best answers, because we know innovation happens when insight meets foresight. Our curiosity leads us to constantly learn and keep our expertise as sharp as the cutting edge on which we work.

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