De Muziekwedstrijd stimulates musical talent with new app

By 5 February 2020

“De Muziekwedstrijd” stimulates musical talent with new app





To determine the objectives of this project, we went back to the core: what does making music mean in a contemporary context? It’s all about creativity! The aim of this project is to stimulate musical creativity among children. The goal of the new app is to make it possible to participate in De Muziekwedstrijd in an easy and attractive way. Just as easy as making a video via TikTok or Instagram.



From a technical perspective, the initial request from the Princess Christina Competition was to create a native app. After doing research, a progressive web app (PWA) was found to fit better. The target group experiences, in this context, an App Store as a threshold and a PWA can be seamlessly integrated with the website. To show children that their performance is more than just playing a musical instrument or using their voice, we have introduced a gamification component in the new app: “the challenge”. Participants can take on one or more challenges to enrich their performance.



Inspired by existing style elements such as logo, typography and color, we have created a completely new design, including icons and animations, that appeal to children of different ages, but also their parents and music teachers. In four sprints of two weeks, we have realized a completely new frontend that seamlessly connects with the backend that a partner has realized (viaVictor). Through a new design and the addition of the gamification component, participating in the competition has been made more easy and attractive, while human interaction is encouraged.



expected participants






“Working together with INFO means that your product needs come first. The entire development process of our new app for “De Muziekwedstrijd” was designed in a very transparent way, in terms of content, communication process and financial frameworks. With mutual commitment, a great new product was created within a very short period of time. That is robust and gives us a platform for the future. ”

Alexander Buskermolen, Director – Stichting Prinses Christina Concours

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